This is Ryan Grimes Reporting In

Hello, I'm Ryan Grimes.

This is the guy with the big bellowing voice on some news pieces you might have seen on CBS News 13. I hope to start networking myself more with the public and start showing people what I'm like and who I am when it comes to your news! I suppose I'll start with a quick biography about myself.

I like to say that I am Alaska grown, not Alaska born. I moved here from the lower 48 when I was very young. When I first landed in Fairbanks by plane, I remember thinking about how cold this place could get.
Seriously, 40 below zero? Come on now!
I have since survived -and thrived- inside the Golden Heart City.

I was hired to be a reporter for CBS News 13 at the age of 19. Yeah, I'm a young guy. I'm writing this blog as a 21 year old with a horizontal ID card hot off the press. I'm proud to be representing my age group as a reporter, and so far I've grown to fit this extremely demanding and intensely rewarding career.

Instead of just reporting as the guy with the big bellowing voice on your television set, I hope to report as the guy with that big bellowing text on my blog for you to read from.

I plan to talk about:

1: My own observations about local and national events

2: My experiences and quirks shared inside the newsroom

3: My life, including what I like to do and my own personal thoughts

I expect to be updating this blog as much as I am able to. Check back often to see what I'm up to in your local news!